Wednesday, Nov 3’rd

An early wake up caused by the rain that hammered on the roof. Later the weather got better and I headed for Nordens Ark and a meeting with Tom Svensson. On the way to Nordens Ark the road was flooded on several places so there must have been a lot of rain. After a cup of coffee and a chat about wildlife, the debate on the wolfs here in Sweden and other questions it was time for Tom to go back to work and I took a tour in the park. By the way Tom have a new book coming out sometime in spring next year, I believe it will be great. Took the chance to get me some pictures of Wolfs and wolverines and some other mammals also. Later in the afternoon I went north on the coast to a place called Tjurpannan, very vindy, but I take that another time.

The pictures below are taken at Nordens Ark (a wildlife reserve). I am not one of them who think that we have to many wolfs here in Sweden, if we had I could have made these pictures in my home woods..


About Per

Working with Business Intelligence at Capgemini. All other time is devoted to photography with main focus on nature- wildlife and cultural activities.
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2 Responses to Wednesday, Nov 3’rd

  1. Gunilla Falk says:

    Fantastiskt stämningsfulla och spännande bilder….fastän de är tagna på Nordens Ark, jag gillar tonen och kompositionen i bilderna.
    Titta gärna in på min alldeles nystartade blogg….

  2. Per says:

    Hej Gunilla, den här fastnade också…
    Tack för kommentaren, ja det finns faktiskt en del utrymme för djuren på Nordens Ark. Ska kolla bloggen.

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