Mullsjö International Photo Festival 2011

Have visited Mullsjö and the first international photo festival there for a couple of days. Arrived at noon on Monday, started with lunch at the pizza house where I also met Malin and Terje. Then I went to the exhibitions, met Tomas Järnetun, Mats Andersson, Anna Clarén and Bilal Chebaro at Marston Hill. After that I went to Näs and Peter Jonssons pictures, very good! I hope that he will give more exhibitions so people will have the chance to see the pictures. Anders Petersen had many and big pictures, some I liked, some did not say so much to me. Markus Jenemark had an interesting exhibition in a small format, excellent.

Tuesday started at Sägnernas hus and Nikolaj Maslov, interesting pictures, specially the landscapes in colour. A visit at Rolf Sørensens exhibition, only six pictures but very good. Then I went to Furusjö and Terje Hellesøs pictures, very good of course, even though I have seen them before. JH Engström had an exhibition at the same place, strong pictures but not quite my style. Went to Habo for lunch, a very nice landscape here when you take the time to travel along the smaller roads. Afternoon and time for Nyhem. Started at Jørn Bøhmer Olsen, very good pictures. Then I think I hit the peak of the festival, Morten Krogvold. He was showing us around and told us about his pictures and his work. As a matter of fact I now have a dream of a workshop with Morten. At Neva Books I had to do some shopping, “Reiser på Finnskogen” by Rolf Sørensen and “The house in the woods” by Heikki Willamo. At Engelska villan I saw the exhibitions of Leif Arvidsson, Börje Rosell and Håkan Dalåker all very nice. Ended the day with a lecture by Terje Hellesø, very interesting.

Wednesday I went to Sandhem and Marina Efimovas exhibition, wonderful landscapes. In Mullsjö I visited Malin Hellesø and Peter Sincics exhibitions. Went to Furusjö for a cup of coffee before the evenings lectures. First out was Anders Petersen who held a very interesting lecture, a lot of pictures from the sixties until now and very interesting stories. I have to admit that I understand his pictures better when I have heard his stories about them. To end the evening and for me also the festival it was time for Kathy Morans lecture. She’s a photo editor at the National Geographic magazine. She told us interesting stories about the teamwork with the photographers and stories about the job “behind” the articles.

Summing up the impressions of the first international photo festival here in Mullsjö it was a very interesting and nice festival, many meetings, picture experiences, great lectures. Several workshops should have been interesting to attend but my economy did not allow that. I hope that this festival will be an annual event here in Mullsjö. But I think that the exhibitions have to be more concentrated to Mullsjö if it is possible. It would also have been nice to have a place to meet the artists and other people over a beer in the evenings.

After all these impressions I started my journey home from dusk to dawn in the Swedish summer night, beautiful.

Morten Krogvold in action

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Working with Business Intelligence at Capgemini. All other time is devoted to photography with main focus on nature- wildlife and cultural activities.
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