My old cat Truls, May 24’th 2012

I feel that I would like to spend as much time as possible with him the time he has left… If he only could start eating again…


About Per

Working with Business Intelligence at Capgemini. All other time is devoted to photography with main focus on nature- wildlife and cultural activities.
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3 Responses to My old cat Truls, May 24’th 2012

  1. judymcgee says:

    aaawwww is you cat doing bad? 😦

  2. Per says:

    He’s 22 year old, but he is still social and takes a walk in the garden. But he almost stopped to eat a week ago… loosing weight and he was not fat before.. So if I just could get him to eat again I think he could be with us at least for the summer…

  3. christine says:

    22 years is incredible. Enjoy the time you have with your sweet boy.

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