National day 2012

Not much to say about it. Moved the lawn, mostly between the showers.. Yes, then it’s the last day of Mullsjö fotofestival, which I did not have the opportunity to attend to this year. Instead I choose a picture from when I was on my way home from Ånge. North of Hassela on a small dirtroad I saw a little creature digging in the middle of the road. Getting closer and stopping at the side of the road, then he jumps down into the ditch irritated, watching me before he’s going back continuing his digging. After a while he’s tired to have me as a spectator so he moves to the other side of the road and in to the wood after he had some water in a stream nearby.

Meetings, June 1’th 2012

About Per

Working with Business Intelligence at Capgemini. All other time is devoted to photography with main focus on nature- wildlife and cultural activities.
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2 Responses to National day 2012

  1. Anna says:

    A stripy fox! A Dox! (Dingo father, foxy mother)

  2. Per says:

    Hi Anna, not much dingos around here but you have a point there 😉

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