Camera thoughts…

or, what to replace my Olympus… At last I have realized that there will probably never be a new DSLR from Olympus after the E-5. So, I have begun to look at both Canon and Nikon. Problem with Nikon is that I can’t find a good telezoom under € 5000… Maybe a Sigma 120-300… Well there are more reflections on what to choose in my Swedish blog 😉

My E-3 and the 50-200 (100-400 in ff) still delivers most of the time.

At the stream this morning




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Working with Business Intelligence at Capgemini. All other time is devoted to photography with main focus on nature- wildlife and cultural activities.
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4 Responses to Camera thoughts…

  1. JVG says:

    ” I can’t find a good telezoom under € 5000″

    Have you considered adapting manual focus lenses?

  2. Per says:

    Hi JVG, Not really, at least not as my main lens. I usually focus manually now also but I would like to have the opportunity to choose autofocus, specially if I buy a camera with good autofocus.

    • JVG says:

      Hi Per,
      the reason why I asked, is because vintage manual focus lenses can be had for a fraction of a price of any modern lens. Obviously old zooms are not as good as modern. Zoom lenses matured only recently, but fixed focal length primes are on par with those that cost crazy money. There is also another advantage to vintage lenses, they’re built like a tank, and built to last, while modern lenses (primes and zooms alike) are made mostly with plastic and with electronics inside that by design are not meant to last long. And then you also have the vintage look and color/contrast rendering with old lenses that add unique character to each photo. Of course not all old lenses are good, but there are gems that can definitely challenge and even outperform most modern lenses. Speaking strictly from personal experience, I now shoot only with vintage manual focus primes, while my auto-focus lenses sitting in a shelf collecting dust. 🙂

      But then again, if your main goal is to have a fast auto-focus, zoom lens – then you won’t get much use from MF lenses.

      All the best,

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