What are we doing to our woodland

Recently I saw a comment regarding the deforestation of our woods, “Everyone thinks it’s wrong but no one does anything.” I can agree that it can feel hopeless, and that it does not make much difference if I protest. And how should I protest?

At Mejdåsen, Björbo, Sweden

I have also heard people say that forest reserves are just like a drop in the ocean, and that it makes no difference, that forestry must change fundamentally. Here, I agree in part. But everything is going so fast that before we have had time to change the perceptions of forests and forestry, we must try to protect so much old growth forest as we can, before it’s too late.

Lillhärdal, Härjedalen, Sweden
Since I do not have the time or opportunity to do so practical work in these issues, I have chosen to support some associations. It is mainly ProtectTheForest.se and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. Trying to assist in fundraising for the work to protect our forests. From time to time I also try to get the message across as best I can. Much of the societies work is to inventorying forests to find endangered species and hence argue that this particular forest must be protected.

An interesting article in ETC about the status of our woods (only in Swedish).


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Working with Business Intelligence at Capgemini. All other time is devoted to photography with main focus on nature- wildlife and cultural activities.
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  1. Flowers everywhere…. 🙂

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