Photo trip to the Dovre mountains II, Sept 2014

After I met the moose in Hjerkinn I went to Engan about 10km south of Oppdal. Took of at a small switchback road up to 1250 meters. Below zero and snow on the ground, but in this area the arctic fox have been seen. Walked around the area watching out for the foxes for a couple of hours but the only wild I saw was raven. Went down to the valley again and looked up the Magalaupe Camping where I had rented a cabin. I can recommend this Camping! I had booked a small basic cabin for 260 NOK but as it was out of season I could upgrade to a bigger cabin with all comfort you could ask for for 40 NOK more. When I was ready there I went out to try to see some muskox. First stop at Grønbakken where I walked around on the mountain for a couple of hours. Beautiful views but no muskox. Next stop was Kongsvold where I also went for a walk. Took a picture of two horses at a barn on a mountainside. When I looked at the picture later I saw one more animal in it. In the last light I took the car up to Hjerkinn again and there on the mountain it was, a muskox just standing there. Rounded off the day with a view over the surroundings from the old military compound on the mountain.

View from the switchback road

A landscape picture from Grønbakken

Horses and a fox! at Kongsvold

Muskox at Hjerkinn

View from Hjerkinn



About Per

Working with Business Intelligence at Capgemini. All other time is devoted to photography with main focus on nature- wildlife and cultural activities.
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