Sunday Nov 16’th 2014

The weekends pass to quickly, seems I don’t have time to do anything… It’s hard when you both want to go up in the morning for a trip and feel that you need to rest after a working week. Any way yesterday I went for a trip to the Korså woods. Not much to life in the woods, a couple of moose hunters where on their way out when I left. Saw an eagle on a clear cut near Korså bruk. Then I found a very nice hobgoblin wood that I have to discover more later on. Rounded of with a breakfast at Bakerian, a Café in Hofors, delightful.

In the afternoon I decided to take a walk near by but when I got into the forest I heard one loud bang pretty close to me. After a little while I heard four more. Thought it was a moose that had bad luck. Decided to go out to the road again and on my way I heard at least 20 rifle shots close to me. Got curious so I went along the road until I saw four men standing on the other side of a meadow at the shore of a little tern. Did not find out what they where shooting at. Don’t think it’s the right behaviour if you hunt beaver either, but there are many strange people out in the woods.

Got nothing done to day except for a walk round the little tern, but I didn’t find out anything more.

The eagle


The hobgoblin wood



About Per

Working with Business Intelligence at Capgemini. All other time is devoted to photography with main focus on nature- wildlife and cultural activities.
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