It’s funny how things turns in the world of photography

It’s funny how things turns in the world of photography. When I switched to digital in 2005 I chosed Olympus. Wonderful cameras that I was very pleased with, except for the high iso features that were not as good as on the Nikon and Canon. It was no problem to make big prints that looked good and the Olympus lenses are wonderful. At the same time, the debate was high about all the disadvantages of the 4/3 system compared to Canon’s and Nikon’s APS sensors, as well as the lack of sufficient short depth of field due to the small sensors. No, a real camera should have APS sensor. Soon, so-called full-format cameras appeared on the market. In addition to the fact that a discussion like the former started between APS and FF, 4/3 got even more in the backwater, it was not possible to use it for professionals or even advanced amateurs. Meanwhile, I continued with my Olympus cameras and was quite happy until one day it turned out they let down the production, mirrorless was the future.

I realized I could not continue with Olympus when development stopped, I expected new sensors with better iso properties, etc. So then I was looking for something else, it became Canon, but it could have been Nikon or maybe Pentax as well. Since I was fully satisfied with the image quality from 4/3, the choice fell on an APS camera from Canon. It was working well and still is, it’s also better on high iso than my old Olympus was. Here somewhere I think the debate between APS and FF rised and it sounded like before, professional photographers have to use FF.

To my surprise things suddenly changed. Now the pros seem fully sold on Olympus’s 4/3 mirrorless system and they sell their expensive Nikon and Canon systems. It is no longer a problem with short depth of field, no problems with large printings or other disadvantages with small pixels on a small surface.

What should you learn from this? I do not really know, maybe not to listen too much to those who condemn one and raise the other to the skies, whether it’s FF or 4/3. Test it yourself, and if you’re satisfied with the results and enjoy your stuff, keep on being satisfied. I am still pleased with my APS Canon but It’s tempting to test the new mirrorless Olympus system. However, it will take a lot of thoughts before I put up 60000 SEK on a new system. Who knows what’s “right” in a few years.

A couple of pictures taken with my Olympus E-3 and 50-200/3.5 in 2008 and 2009.




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Working with Business Intelligence at Capgemini. All other time is devoted to photography with main focus on nature- wildlife and cultural activities.
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2 Responses to It’s funny how things turns in the world of photography

  1. croftgarden says:

    I read your comments with great interest particularly as I started with Olympus. I then moved to Nikon and after 8 years I’m about to up-grade my Nikon body and lenses. I doubt if my photographs will ever reach the quality of your work (I am an admirer), but with new equipment I’m going to try hard to improve my technical knowledge and skills. Even the best equipment in the world can’t make a mediocre photographer great, even with good technique you still need the creative eye. Please keep posting your photographs they are inspirational.

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