Thoughts at the end of May

Lately, I have discovered that I feel more and more connected with those who struggle for our nature trying to save our biodiversity than in the nature photography community. A little sad because I think they should join each other. Unfortunately, I feel that the latter is becoming more and more commercial. It’s mostly about selling trips and them self, often both and if you are not a potential customer, they loose interest in you. Luckily there are some exceptions and I was very pleased to see that the Swedish Nature Photographers agreed to openly show their protection of our last natural forests.

There has not been so much photo time for me so far this year, but on the other hand I have participated in some events for our nature. In January, I attended an interesting seminar on “Climate and Forest” a partnership between the Swedish Nature Conservation organisation and Protect the Forest. In April, I listened to Rebecca Le Moine in Sandviken, very good and an interesting meeting afterwards. In the beginning of the month I was in Stockholm to see “När skogen tystnar”, very good and interesting speakers Mats Karström, Sebastian Kirppu, Linda Berglund et al.

Sebastian Kirppu at Climate and Forest

Amanda Tas

Rebecka Le Moine talking about Biodiversity

Marcus Aspsjö at the movie “När skogen tystnar”

Linda Berglund, senior advisor at WWF

Mats Karström (have saved many forests during the years)

All speakers at “När skogen tystnar”



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Working with Business Intelligence at Capgemini. All other time is devoted to photography with main focus on nature- wildlife and cultural activities.
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