Thoughts, October 4’th 2018

Having a cold and feeling hectic, or maybe hectic because I’m having a cold. Actually, it’s business as usual. Not a lot of walks in nature lately, but that’s nothing new, but a few days ago I visited Våckelberget NR north of Falun. Been there 10-12 years ago but the next visit will not take so long, very nice forest.


Last Saturday I decided to visit Dan Viktor far out in the Hälsinge forest, although I didn’t feel to good due to the cold. He was going to run a Ferlin Interpretation gig for an upcoming album. Sorry to say, the evening didn’t went out as I have hoped. It would have started at 8, they started with another artist at 9:30, at 10 I went out and started my journey home through the woods to Sundsvall again. Do not know if he started after 10 or if it became even later.

Otherwise, some happenings here anyway. Have signed up for Gästrikkonst, on Easter 2019, the theme will be “Near Forest Landscape”. Then I will visit Nature 2018 in Vårgårda in halloween, it seems to be many good picture shows. Then I will change employer but not job… in just over a week from now, then I’ll be a civil servant again. Feels right.

And don’t foget, It’s the animals day to day.




About Per

Working with Business Intelligence at Capgemini. All other time is devoted to photography with main focus on nature- wildlife and cultural activities.
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