Thoughts in mid November, 2018

This year’s edition of Nature 2018 in Vårgårda is completed. One of the better I have to say, very exciting picture shows and nice company. The pictures of this year’s NNPC are submitted, just to wait… Mats Andersson’s masterpiece has arrived, very strong, both images and text.

Otherwise it’s business as usual, it feels like it’s monday and friday all the time. Last weekend I managed to get into the woods between buying heating pellets and some other dutys, last time was in September I think. I like the dull light and colors in November before the snow comes. Following the path over the clearcut that the municipality did, a few more trees have fallen, and the “nature conservation” stripes flicker ironic in the wind. I just have to stay and photograph the stone that I have contemplated at so many times before, then it was covered with lush moss and in the early summer, the wood sorrel bloomed on it, it is no longer.

I turn off from the path and walk through a weeded forest against the bottom of the precipice at the Uvberget mountain. Here they have left some square meters of real forest with dead wood, mosses and lichens. Do not know if it is conscious or if they didn’t manage to use the machines on the slope. At the top of the mountain, Karl Hedin has taken his share of the woods, but here is a little oasis. Here I slow down and take in the beauty of the little. Got some pictures also before turning back to what’s left of the weekend.








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Working with Business Intelligence at Capgemini. All other time is devoted to photography with main focus on nature- wildlife and cultural activities.
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