Night hike in Hamra NP

It happens not often, but sometime during the brightest time of the summer I try to make a trip from evening to morning. June 8th it was time again. I left home around 8 pm headed north over Enviken and Dådran. The weather was not the best, overcast and some rain. North of Furudal I stopped for a picture. Nesting box at a clear-cutting, quite telling. This is where the wilderness or what you would call it begins. In any case, large undeveloped areas where the forest roads lead into and to the north. Not many others are out here. Not much other life either.

Stoping my car for a moose that grazes on a clearcut, otherwise some hares that appear along the way. At midnight I arrive at Hamra National Park. Take a turn at the parking lot, where there are a couple of motorhomes and a caravan but the people have probably gone to bed.

Parking the car and take a walk on a trail. The light is enough for photography, at least with the 85/1.8. On the bog I meet hungry mosquitoes but I take the time to lie down on the footbridge to catch the cloudberry flower. In any case, the birds have not gone to bed. Magical with the birdsong and the bog in the midnight light. Took another trail down to the Swan Lake. Here you have to look up because the path is also used by a number of toads. In front of Svansjön, a platform has been made with a nice view over the lake and behind up the mountain are centuries-old pine trees. I can hear the cuckoo far away over the lake otherwise no life except the birdsong. Here I stay a while and enjoy, the mosquitoes seem to have stayed out on the bog.

Back at the car, I make some plans about the rest of the night. I decide to take the road over Los and Färila before I head south again, but that’s a different story.

Some pictures. The first two from the road up, the rest are from the hike in the national park. The pictures are taken with Canon 7D MkII and Tamrons 85 / 1.8.

About Per

Working with Business Intelligence at Capgemini. All other time is devoted to photography with main focus on nature- wildlife and cultural activities.
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