An excursion with Bengt Ehnström at Fagerberget, Björbo

Last Sunday I went to Fagerberget. It is located in the forests between Björbo and Nyhammar. The local nature conservation association had arranged an excursion with Bengt Ehnström on the meadows at the chalet. Bengt Ehnström is one of the Nordic region’s foremost entomologists and has devoted his entire life to the species of the forest and forest landscape. I was there quite early and had a chat with Kent Olsson whose meadows we are going to look at. When we gather at the parking lot, Bengt tells us that it is probably his three hundred guided tour and that it is very likely that this time will be his final as a nature guide as age begins to take its toll. Feels a bit sad and I’m glad that I came here today.

Kent and his family have just harvested the meadows and put the hay on racks, but he has saved some areas for us and the hares that live here. We have a fantastic view with the blue mountains in the background.

Bengt tells with empathy about the species richness that developed in the meadows and the grazed forests once upon a time. He also tells with practical examples from the local area about the slow but relentless extinction of species that has been going on for quite some time. It is a tragic development. I often feel that it is just a matter of trying to enjoy what is left as long as possible …

With Bengt in the lead, we go down the meadow. Right now the Devil’s-bit Scabious is in bloom and Bengt talks about the marsh fritillary that specializes in that species. We also hear about other plants and species that grow here. At the end of the meadow are the remains of a giant sallow tree.

We walked back up to the cottages for some coffee and a sandwich.

When the event was over Anders Lindholm and I walked down to the meadow again to see if we could find more interesting species. Personally, I lack deeper species knowledge so it’s interesting to go with someone who knows more about this. Among other things, I found a Roesel’s bush-cricket that I managed to get a decent picture of.

At two o’clock we headed up to the cottages again, thanked for a nice day and went back home again.



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Working with Business Intelligence at Capgemini. All other time is devoted to photography with main focus on nature- wildlife and cultural activities.
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