A visit to Rånnesta and my good friend Erik Marcussons vernissage.

Last Saturday we took the trip south to lake Tysslingen and my friend Eriks vernissage. Wonderful paintings with feeling and nice atmosphere, Erik is one of the nicest people I know.

Beautiful weather at Tysslingen but still full winter. But in a month, the swans will start to arrive here.







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It’s funny how things turns in the world of photography

It’s funny how things turns in the world of photography. When I switched to digital in 2005 I chosed Olympus. Wonderful cameras that I was very pleased with, except for the high iso features that were not as good as on the Nikon and Canon. It was no problem to make big prints that looked good and the Olympus lenses are wonderful. At the same time, the debate was high about all the disadvantages of the 4/3 system compared to Canon’s and Nikon’s APS sensors, as well as the lack of sufficient short depth of field due to the small sensors. No, a real camera should have APS sensor. Soon, so-called full-format cameras appeared on the market. In addition to the fact that a discussion like the former started between APS and FF, 4/3 got even more in the backwater, it was not possible to use it for professionals or even advanced amateurs. Meanwhile, I continued with my Olympus cameras and was quite happy until one day it turned out they let down the production, mirrorless was the future.

I realized I could not continue with Olympus when development stopped, I expected new sensors with better iso properties, etc. So then I was looking for something else, it became Canon, but it could have been Nikon or maybe Pentax as well. Since I was fully satisfied with the image quality from 4/3, the choice fell on an APS camera from Canon. It was working well and still is, it’s also better on high iso than my old Olympus was. Here somewhere I think the debate between APS and FF rised and it sounded like before, professional photographers have to use FF.

To my surprise things suddenly changed. Now the pros seem fully sold on Olympus’s 4/3 mirrorless system and they sell their expensive Nikon and Canon systems. It is no longer a problem with short depth of field, no problems with large printings or other disadvantages with small pixels on a small surface.

What should you learn from this? I do not really know, maybe not to listen too much to those who condemn one and raise the other to the skies, whether it’s FF or 4/3. Test it yourself, and if you’re satisfied with the results and enjoy your stuff, keep on being satisfied. I am still pleased with my APS Canon but It’s tempting to test the new mirrorless Olympus system. However, it will take a lot of thoughts before I put up 60000 SEK on a new system. Who knows what’s “right” in a few years.

A couple of pictures taken with my Olympus E-3 and 50-200/3.5 in 2008 and 2009.



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Thoughts in January 2018

No, I will save my deeper thoughts at the moment, right now it is too much that distracts and disturb me.

Below is a picture of a couple of really old aspen in my neigbourhood. The picture to the left is taken in mid November where they are surrounded by the sump spruce forest next to Trädgårdstjärn. The one to the right I took in the end of December where they stand alone on the ground after the local municipality had clear cut the area.

For the weekend, I will travel to Stockholm to attend a seminar about the forest and the environment organized by the Nature Conservation Association and Protect the Forest.



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2017 in pictures

Had the feeling that I didn’t manage to make so many pictures this year. But after a check in Lightroom it seems that I got some pictures anyway.

Morning in Österby.

Afternoon at my stream.

Breakfast at my stream.

I only had the time for one visit to the spring flowers this year, and a little to late. At the stream.

A morning at Hartjärns nature reserve, my old home woods in Västerdalarna.

At a workshop in the deep forests south of Malung. Always creative and inspiring.

Still in the same area, Johannes Stötter a master in body painting.

Made a visit to my good friend Erik Marcusson. Here we are on the mountaintop Rusakulan looking down at the farmland in Närke.

A memorable meeting in the woods between Hedemora and Säter.

Kärringforsen upstream Björbo in Västerdalarna. I have many old memories from this area.

A picture that can’t be taken again, ever. From a walk in my nearest forest.

Sidsjöbäcken in Sundsvall, 500 meters from my flat.


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Clearcutting in my “home forest”

A couple of weeks ago the local municipality started to clearcut my nearest forest here on the lower parts of the mountain. A year ago another forest owner logged the forest at the top, an area that the municipality tried to buy to make a nature reserve of.

I have shown some pictures of the latter forest in earlier blog posts.

There is more information and background in my Swedish blog about this.






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Late November thoughts

It’s been a while since the Nature photography festival in Vårgårda and I have gathered my impressions. As always, it was a nice weekend, nice picture shows and meetings. Unfortunately I did not have the time to talk with all the friends that I wanted to and I also missed some of my friends that did not attend this year. With a little perspective on my own picture show, I feel “half satisfied”. I think I could have done it a bit better but I’m still looking forward for the next opportunity. 🙂 Now, looking forward to the festival in Ski, Norway.

It’s also time to start thinking about the theme and the pictures for the exhibition Gästrikkonst next Easter. I need to have a rough plan ready next week. Thinking of a “biodiversity theme”. This time I will hang my pictures at Högbo Bruk in Sandviken. That’s also something to look forward to.

In addition to personal problems and thoughts, I’m worried for our old forests here in Sweden, I’m afraid that the future is not so bright as long as the forest industry continue as they do. The hope is that people wake up and look through the propaganda they throw around.

A picture from a walk in my nearest wood last Saturday


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It’s getting closer

It’s getting close now to Nature 2017 in Vårgårda. On Friday it’s time again. On Friday, 17:15, I will show some of my pictures in short format along with six other talented photographers. By the way, both Friday and Saturday are filled with interesting slide shows.
Here is a link to the program (in Swedish).

A picture I will not show on Friday. Autumn in my nearest forest.

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