A very strange year 2020

It’s a very strange feeling now. A couple of months ago life passed on as usual, but a few weeks ago most of that was changed in it’s foundation. It feels unreal, like a dream… But it’s the reality. Spain and Italy report nearly a thousand deaths every day. It’s not possible to plan more than for the day, tomorrow may be completely different conditions.

Virtually all events are cancelled and if not I’m extremely hesistant to attend anyway. Easter’s exhibition, which I have planned for will be postponed to Easter 2021. I hope to be able to spend more time in the nature instead. Maybe a trip to the pasqueflowers at Sofiebergskullen some time next week. I hope for a different and better world when this has passed by, although I’m afraid that everything will go back to “business as usual” in a few years, with continued environmental devastation, more threatened nature and less biodiversity.

A picture from Utanmyra taken a couple of weeks ago.


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March 2020

Long time since last, but that’s how it is sometimes. Feeling unwell and tired. I would actually have been to Ski at the Nature Photo Festival this weekend but felt that I would not be able manage that, sad but that’s how it is. Christmas feels very distant and now I’m longing for the spring, although winter finally arrived in Sundsvall. The photo activity is on a alltime low, but I have done some other tings. Went to Umeå for a meeting with Malin Sahlin from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. Really good and informative about what’s going on in the forest issue. Then I’m thinking as it’s corona times now, how (and if) people think who still travel to areas with high infection… But I guess it’s I, me and my mind of thinking that applies nowadays.

Some pictures from Sundsvall today…




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How will this end… December 2019

Things happens when it comes to environmental and climate issues, but the question is whether it helps when it comes to biodiversity and the conservation of our last natural forests. I’m afraid it’s “business as usual” when it comes to the forest…

It was agreed in the government to stand behind that the felling could be 92% of the growth in the forest. But it is somewhat sick to make a political decision on an issue where independent research should apply. Much like when determining the favorable conservation status of the wolf here in Sweden. Knowledge and research is not much worth when it comes to meeting the forest lobby and hunting interests.

The Swedish Forest Agency shall cease registration of key biotopes in connection with logging notification (when a new method of investigation has been found). Whatever method, key biotopes is an accepted concept that works. Here, too, I can only see that they give in to the forest lobby.

Even when it comes to the climate policy action plan that the government has just presented, I am afraid that it will be “business as usual” in the forest:

“51. The national forest program is being developed to further promote growing forestry and sustainable forestry.
52. A bioeconomic strategy that contributes to increased access to biomass and environmental and climate benefits will be developed. ”

How should the forest industry grow without infringing on biodiversity and forests worthy of protection? The forests already planted have not reached the final harvesting age. Forestry is far from sustainable as it is now.

Item 52 is pure star dust if you look at biomass from the forest. How will you increase the biomass without destroying biodiversity. Increased harvesting and environmental and climate benefits are impossible.

I finish with a couple of pictures from the bird feeding now in early December. Around here it is only me and the beavers who determine the harvest rate.




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Dark thoughts in late 2019

Will 2022 (election in Sweden) be the year when the last nail in the coffin is struck in terms of the preservation of our nature, of a responsible climate policy, of our last untouched forests. The beginning of the end when it comes to free press and the media, the judicial system, culture… I think it looks very dark and I’m afraid how this will end.

A couple of pictures from a walk in Kasttjärnsbergets nature reserve at the end of November.







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Beginning of November, 2019

Long time since last time, but so it can be sometimes.
In September, I made a visit to my old home area in Western Dalarna. Some short walks along memory lane. Nice and a little melancholic.


I missed October photographically but I visited Cyber Photos Photo Fair in Umeå. The fair was ok and I managed to keep my money so there were no new gadgets. However, had been interesting with Fuji’s medium format for my forest pictures… Umeå was a nice city but was especially stuck on the Sara Lidman quotes on the walls in the tunnel to the station. Was at a concert with Annika Norlin and Nordic Chamber Orchestra at the end of the month.


Not so many days past in November yet, hoping for a couple of photo days at the end of the month and possibly to see the Sara Lidman movie in Ånge.


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Old memories…

The walk in the summer night after angling perch in the Kotjärn tern.
Green glow worms in the dark along the path trough the wood.

The nightly trips with Gunnar in his green VW to
listen for eagle owl and Tengmalm’s Owl…



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Urkult 2019, part II

More focus on the musicians in this post. On Thursday Krake a Polish band, fantastic. On Friday Hoven Droven and Mari Boine.











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Urkult 2019

Back from the hippie festival as a friend called it. First time for me but not the last, had to give up after two days so now I’m resting in Sundsvall. 🙂 Had veggie food for the most part and bread roll with goat cheese and honey from Skogsnäs. Lovely atmosphere and good music. Many pictures so I split it into two posts, here is the first.

Here’s some info about the festival.

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Petersvik, June 6’th

On the National day I went for at walk around Petersvik in Sundsvall. Passing SCA’s paper mill in Ortviken, Noted that the truck’s that deliver the timber to the mill does not hold up for the National day… After a rather long walk after something that once have been a paved walkway I arrive at a small beach strip. A patch that once was a football field adjoins the beach and out on a stone in the water sits a cormorant and dries the wings.

After a while I continue on a road up into the forest. Leafy, not to say lush greenery. A couple of cars passing from the area but I see no people here. A strange almost spooky feeling comes over me when the large villas from beginning of the last century appears in the greenery, all abandoned and with covered windows. I saw 4-5 villas after the main road but there were more after the other roads in the area.

The large summer villas were built during a period between 1880 and 1910 by the wealthy manufacturers and traders of the time. During a period after the First World War and to the 60s, the area served as a recreation area for the public and with summer homes for children and young people.

The reason why everything is deserted and closed now is because the municipality has ransomed the land here. Plans exist (or existed, are uncertain about the outcome) to build a large container harbour here.









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Early summer

I had some time off last week. The first mowing of the lawn for the year was done, saved some “islands” for the flowers. Car trouble… Made one more “bee hotel” and when I come home next time I will put up some bat boxes. Managed to do a couple of trips on the woods, did not see much life there. Visited the lady’s slippers but it was a week or two too early. Then I sat down by the stream at home to just enjoy life.

Morning at the stream, May 29’th

Afternoon at the stream, May 29’th

Welcome to visit my homepage also 🙂

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