April 1’th

At the end of last week I was passed out by some stomach flu. On Sunday morning I got up early and went for a long walk without any problems, felt really fresh until the afternoon. Today it feels like a real man cold is taking over. Don’t have time with this. First, it is a lot to do at work and then I have been looking forward to a forest meeting in Värmland this weekend. Have not given up the forest meeting quite yet, but it does not look so bright.

A crane in my home-woods, August 2015
Per Lissel, +46 706272302


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Thoughts for the last days in March

Have had a couple of good days planning for a new project at work but I’m not feeling really healthy, don’t have time to get sick right now… Spring is making slow progress but most of the sidewalks and walkways here are free from snow and ice again at least.

When it comes to my photography I hope for a few days out after the Easter weekend. Easter will be devoted to the exhibition in Högbo, Sandviken, looking forward to this. Then I would like to have a visit to the pasque flowers at Sofiebergsåsen in Sörmland as well but we’ll see what I can do about that.

From the bird feeding, March 1’th



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Thoughts in February

Have a little hard to gather my thoughts so it will be a short post this time. There is a lot going on at work, at the same time I’m longing for the spring and some time off. As I write this, it is several degrees above zero here in Sundsvall, a bit strange also but there will be some setbacks before the real spring comes.

Pasque flowers in Sörmland, mid April 2015

In the marshland at Knuthöjdsmossen, Hällefors at the end of May 2014


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January again

This time of year here I’m not very active. Working far from home and in the weekends, heating pellets should be bought, snow should be shoveled and the bird feed should be filled up. On Sundays I take the opportunity to rest before it’s time to travel up north again. Now I’m longing for the spring, I will try to catch up with the spring flowers this year, then it’s time for Gästrikkonst (Gästrik art). Also this year I will have my exhibition at Högbo Bruk in Sandviken. But first, I will make a visit to the Norwegian Nature Photo Festival in Ski in mid-March.

A picture from Västerdalälven in Björbo on Christmas Eve and a couple of pictures from my backyard the last days of 2018.




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Thoughts in December

Sitting here thinking about how it all have become like this.
I, myself and my have become the new watchwords and this applies to both the business world and among the majority of the people.

We do not care if we walk over others, or if we destroy the nature, environment and wildlife for an unpredictable future, as long as we only satisfy me, myself and my for the moment.

Sitting at my stream, mid December


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Thoughts in mid November, 2018

This year’s edition of Nature 2018 in Vårgårda is completed. One of the better I have to say, very exciting picture shows and nice company. The pictures of this year’s NNPC are submitted, just to wait… Mats Andersson’s masterpiece has arrived, very strong, both images and text.

Otherwise it’s business as usual, it feels like it’s monday and friday all the time. Last weekend I managed to get into the woods between buying heating pellets and some other dutys, last time was in September I think. I like the dull light and colors in November before the snow comes. Following the path over the clearcut that the municipality did, a few more trees have fallen, and the “nature conservation” stripes flicker ironic in the wind. I just have to stay and photograph the stone that I have contemplated at so many times before, then it was covered with lush moss and in the early summer, the wood sorrel bloomed on it, it is no longer.

I turn off from the path and walk through a weeded forest against the bottom of the precipice at the Uvberget mountain. Here they have left some square meters of real forest with dead wood, mosses and lichens. Do not know if it is conscious or if they didn’t manage to use the machines on the slope. At the top of the mountain, Karl Hedin has taken his share of the woods, but here is a little oasis. Here I slow down and take in the beauty of the little. Got some pictures also before turning back to what’s left of the weekend.







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Thoughts, October 4’th 2018

Having a cold and feeling hectic, or maybe hectic because I’m having a cold. Actually, it’s business as usual. Not a lot of walks in nature lately, but that’s nothing new, but a few days ago I visited Våckelberget NR north of Falun. Been there 10-12 years ago but the next visit will not take so long, very nice forest.


Last Saturday I decided to visit Dan Viktor far out in the Hälsinge forest, although I didn’t feel to good due to the cold. He was going to run a Ferlin Interpretation gig for an upcoming album. Sorry to say, the evening didn’t went out as I have hoped. It would have started at 8, they started with another artist at 9:30, at 10 I went out and started my journey home through the woods to Sundsvall again. Do not know if he started after 10 or if it became even later.

Otherwise, some happenings here anyway. Have signed up for Gästrikkonst, on Easter 2019, the theme will be “Near Forest Landscape”. Then I will visit Nature 2018 in Vårgårda in halloween, it seems to be many good picture shows. Then I will change employer but not job… in just over a week from now, then I’ll be a civil servant again. Feels right.

And don’t foget, It’s the animals day to day.



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