Night hike in Hamra NP

It happens not often, but sometime during the brightest time of the summer I try to make a trip from evening to morning. June 8th it was time again. I left home around 8 pm headed north over Enviken and Dådran. The weather was not the best, overcast and some rain. North of Furudal I stopped for a picture. Nesting box at a clear-cutting, quite telling. This is where the wilderness or what you would call it begins. In any case, large undeveloped areas where the forest roads lead into and to the north. Not many others are out here. Not much other life either.

Stoping my car for a moose that grazes on a clearcut, otherwise some hares that appear along the way. At midnight I arrive at Hamra National Park. Take a turn at the parking lot, where there are a couple of motorhomes and a caravan but the people have probably gone to bed.

Parking the car and take a walk on a trail. The light is enough for photography, at least with the 85/1.8. On the bog I meet hungry mosquitoes but I take the time to lie down on the footbridge to catch the cloudberry flower. In any case, the birds have not gone to bed. Magical with the birdsong and the bog in the midnight light. Took another trail down to the Swan Lake. Here you have to look up because the path is also used by a number of toads. In front of Svansjön, a platform has been made with a nice view over the lake and behind up the mountain are centuries-old pine trees. I can hear the cuckoo far away over the lake otherwise no life except the birdsong. Here I stay a while and enjoy, the mosquitoes seem to have stayed out on the bog.

Back at the car, I make some plans about the rest of the night. I decide to take the road over Los and Färila before I head south again, but that’s a different story.

Some pictures. The first two from the road up, the rest are from the hike in the national park. The pictures are taken with Canon 7D MkII and Tamrons 85 / 1.8.

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May 9’th, been a long time…

Almost four months ago since I wrote something here. Had a thought once that I should post some lines at least monthly, but look. Probably mostly due to the fact that I’m not in shape and have not been for a while. Actually, I like this forum better than FB, but the latter takes over.

Now I try to take the week off and we’ll see …

Found some black and white, three old and one new.

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Swedish forestry…

Spend an hour to see this movie.



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Polarization within the logging industry

Polarization has become a buzzword, but a word used treacherously. The forest industry talks about polarization while independent researchers, conservationists, biologists see a disaster for our remaining forests.

It does not matter what the forest industry says. If you cut down a forest, replant with a single tree species and then cut it down again after 60-80 years and then start all over again, there is no chance that the “forest” that grows there in the meantime will ever resemble the one that once stood there before the first clearcut. Many species do not have a chance to come back within that time perspective and that conditions. It’s not opinion and polarization, It is real facts.

Some pictures from the “forests” of Sweden…

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The last days of 2020

Don’t know what to say… Not in the mood.
Saw Santa the other day, resting on his way back to the north again I guess.

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Tidholm and Parkman at Svanö

Yesterday I went to Svanö outside Kramfors for an interesting event. It should have taken place in May, but as most people know, something happened in between.

Po Tidholm gave his lecture “The Map”. Interesting but at the same time it gives a rather hopeless picture of the future, at least if you want to live and work outside the big cities.
Where will the government invest and where will the companies investments end up? How does the media portray the city and the countryside, what does it do to us? Is there a future in the countryside?

After a short break, Sara Parkman goes on stage with her band. Absolutely wonderful and I don’t think there is anything like it. Hard to describe but feel free to listen here.


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Helene Schmitz at Meken

A few days ago I visited Meken in Smedjebacken. Meken is an art gallery housed in an old smithy. Helene Schmitz had a vernissage and showed a selection of pictures from her work “Thinking like a mountain”.

Helene’s words: “In this work, I wanted to portray the violent transformation of nature in northern Europe in our time. My experience is that during my lifetime, the notion of the wild, and man-untouched nature, has broken down. My photographs can be seen as meditations on man’s relationship to nature’s resources – a global, highly industrial and automated transformation of landscapes. Something that has been going on in large parts of the world for the last three hundred years at an ever faster pace”.

The exhibition is open until November 8, 2020
Opening hours: Thurs – Fri at 12 – 17, Sat – Sun at 12 – 15 | closed: 31/10 – 1/11
The next stop for the exhibition is Washington …


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Rostberget nature reserve

Long time since I wrote something here. Don’t know why, perhaps because not much happens… But I’ve managed to get out into the woods a couple of times during this autumn. Here are some pictures from a visit at Rostbergets nature reserve in the western part of Dalarna, Sweden. Decided to make it monochrome this time, I do like the feeling you get when you remove the colours.

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Morningwalk, Sept 6’th 2020

Took my Fuji x100f on a walk, Södermalm, Sundsvall…

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Ensillre limestone forest (NR) June 10

On Wednesday I went to Ensillre lime stone forest north of Ånge to check out the Fairy slipper. It was three years ago since last time, then I was there on June 6th and they bloomed in full. Now I did not see a trace of them, probably I was too late. Plenty of mosquitoes were also there so the visit lasted not so long but I took the opportunity to catch some other impressions anyway.

The first picture shows what it looks like there. Much of the forest is like jackstraws after a storm some years ago, but the trails are cleared anyway.











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