Last weekend, January 21’st 2017

Yesterday I wrote a long blog post in my Swedish blog about the “alternative truth” that the forest lobby is putting out. “everything is great with the woods”, “we need to cut down more forests to save the climate” and so on. The real truth is that we are running out of time to save the small pieces of older woodland that we have left before it’s all gone. I will not translate all that, but feel free to look at my Swedish site and use Google translate 🙂

Here is a picture from last weekend in my backyard.



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2016, Some thoughts

This will not be a big annual review, more some reflections and thoughts from the past year and maybe some hopes for 2017 as well.

At the beginning of the year I had great opportunities to be out and study nature as much as I wanted. The reason was perhaps not so nice but I put that behind me. I note that although I had the time I did not go on any long trips, but I spent valuable and rewarding time studying animal life at my little stream at home. I had great meetings with both mink, otter and beaver.

In May I started a new job that also meant I had to commute weekly again. The job is great and I’m very happy with everything. Unfortunately there has been very little time for nature- and photo-related activities, but I still feel that I probably managed to get some really good pictures, despite limited time. Next year, I hope that I will have enough time to get out in the nature here in Medelpad.

For 2017, I have some exciting things that I hope for. One is that I will exhibit at GĂ€strikkonst again. I also hope that we will see some impact regarding natural values, species conservation and biodiversity here in Sweden next year, it is something that is really urgent. Then of course I keep my fingers crossed for some of my friends and loved ones that are ill will be healthy and strong again.

Sorry, no snowy landscapes here. So I’ll show you this picture from Christmas day in a forest in Utanmyra, Falun.



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The Otter is back in my stream

Last weekend while I had some breakfast, I saw something splashing in the stream. I thought it was the beaver but the time of day was wrong. So I took my camera and went down to the stream. There it was, fishing in the stream. We had some snow during the night and Sunday morning I went back in the dawn. I heard some noice from the ice behind the jetty. Then I discovered the Otter again on the shore, down into the water, up on the jetty several times. Up on jetty it was putting his head down in the snow walking back and forth. I hope it will stay here for a while.






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More logging on Uvberget

This weekend I went for a walk in the woods below Uvberget here at home. In the northeast is a steep hillside where the forest is fantastic beautiful. Mosses and lichens, mixed leaf trees and spruce and many trees in various stages of decay. The area is not large, perhaps 300×70 meters but the feeling is great.

Up on the mountain Karl Hedin has already clearcut the woods, some trees up to 150-200 years old. Now I discovered that Mellanskog have marked the edge below as far up you can reach with a harvester towards the precipice. I can’t say much about the forest below. There is a planted spruce forest in their 60’s admittedly with some leaf trees. What I react on is that they can’t afford to leave 10-20 meters of spruce forest along the edge. Now the risk is that even the species-rich slope dries out and will be destroyed.







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Some thougths in November

After reading some blogs and other stuff lately I have reflected on one thing. Self-knowledge, some of us have it others could need a lot more of it. So where do I stand myself. I believe everyone thinks they have self-awareness, that is a part of the problem so to speak. A little help along the way is to listen to honest friends, or listening to other people in general actually. I myself think that I’m a pretty low-key and cautious man. However, In most cases I believe in my self even though I have my bad days there too. Maybe I rarely give praise to others, but when I do, I really mean it. Perhaps that provokes some people. At the same time, over the years I have realized that you can not just sit in a corner and wait for someone to see who you are and what you can. The risk is substantial that one only becomes bitter and disappointed over life. Sometimes I think that we must have courage and show what we can and want even if it is difficult and we experience ourself as pushy. But we must never stop listening and reflecting over what other people say.

Here is a picture from Nov 14’th NW Smedjebacken.


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An overcast autumn day, Oct 15’th 2016

Went for a walk in the forest last Saturday. Overcast and you could almost feel the rain in the air. I did not get far before I got stuck at a small clearing in the forest. There on some large mossy stones I found the colors of autumn.

The pictures are double exposures in camera (to get two focus planes). Camera Canon EOS 7D MkII and 100mm Tokina macro.








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First signs of autumn

Almost a month since my last post, I would like to post much more often but as life is right now I don’t have the time, don’t have the time to take so much pictures either. But here are some new ones.

Beginning to show some signs of autumn in eastern Dalarna but it feels a little late. Not much more autumn up here in Sundsvall (300 km north) either where I spend the weeks.

A couple of pictures from my backyard, the fox if from a trip a few miles to the east from home.







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